How can I make the payment?
The following payment methods are accepted:

• Credit/debit cards issued by banks in Italy: VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS

• Cash on delivery, by cash on delivery (addition of 4.90 euros)

• Paypal

• Postepay

• Gift Cards

• Google Pay

• Apple Pay

Credit/Debit Card Usage: What do I need to know?
It could happen that, after entering the credit card data and the CVV2, an additional code or some specific data will also be requested. This happens because some banking institutions require a precise procedure to enable the use of the credit card online. To find out how to enable your credit card for online purchases or to find out the code to enter, you must contact your bank directly.

When you enter your credit card details, only the authorization to spend on your credit card is requested from the bank. In some cases, banks notify the customer by sending an SMS. Receipt of the text message is NOT indicative of the card being charged but only of the blocking of the limit necessary for the purchase.

What is 3DSecure?
3D-Secure provides additional security for online credit card transactions 3D-Secure increases the security when paying by credit card on the Internet, additionally confirming the payment process with an individual transaction number (TAN). The purpose of this procedure is to prevent fraudulent use of the card by third parties on the Internet.
Please note: Mastercard calls the 3D Secure process Mastercard Identity Check (formerly: Mastercard® SecureCode ™), VISA calls it Visa Secure (formerly: Verified by Visa), American Express calls it Safekey .

Why is the 3D-Secure procedure used?
The legislator has forced European banks to provide even greater security for credit card payments on the Internet. The cardholder's identity must be verified against defined legal security requirements. This requirement is met by the 3D Secure process, an identification method via TAN app or SMS. All European online retailers are required to use this secure payment method. The European Banking Authority (EBA) requires a unique authentication of the payer with at least two of the following elements:

PINs, passwords and other security questions whose answers are known only to the customer.

Smartphones, tokens and other items that are only in the customer's possession.

Fingerprint and all biometric aspects and characteristics that individually identify the customer.

If you are not yet registered for this process, please contact your bank or credit card company. The actual charge on the credit card takes place only at the time of shipment of the products.

Can I pay on delivery?
Of course. You can pay by cash upon delivery of your order. The total amount to be paid to the courier will be displayed in the cart in the order summary and in the order summary email sent to your email address. On the day of the expected delivery, have the exact amount on hand; the carrier is unable to give change.

Cost of the cash on delivery €4.90

Are internet orders secure?
All information relating to your order, your personal data and your credit card are strictly protected. We adopt the most advanced standards in data transfer and information access. Financial information relating to credit card payments (card number, expiry date, etc.) is not kept.

What is the SSL protocol?
Your orders and your personal data, such as name, address and all the information you entered on, are protected by modern security systems. Using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security protocol issued by GeoTrust, the transfer of this data is encrypted and made unreadable by third parties. This security standard, supported by all major web browsers, is signaled by a padlock in the status bar. Anymy takes due precautions to protect your personal information. It is important not to reveal your password and make sure that the data transmission is encrypted by the SSL protocol (checking the presence of the padlock in the status bar). If you share your computer with others, please be sure to log out of your account at the end of each order. Together we can make your purchase on even safer.

Can I receive the invoice for my order?
Of course, to receive the invoice you must enter your tax code or VAT number when completing the order.